Hello! I am a PhD candidate in Artificial Intelligence and part of the Hybrid Intelligence Centre. I am supervised by Prof. dr. Holger Hoos and Prof. dr. Catholijn Jonker and affiliated to Leiden University and Delft University of Technology.

In my research, I work on the topic of Mixed-Motive problems in Multi-Agent systems and develop agents that learn to bargaining/negotiation to find common ground in these problems. I work with techniques from Reinforcement Learning, Automated Algorithm Configuration, Game Theory, and Automated Negotiation.

I hold a BSc degree in Marine Technology and MSc degree in Computer Science (both at Delft University of Technology). Not an ordinary course of study, but I can now say that I went from working with floating objects to floating-point objects.


23 Jul 2022 - I will be attending IJCAI-ECAI 2022 where I am organising the Automated Negotiation League
11 Jul 2022 - Attending the Reinforcement Learning summer school in Amsterdam
24 Feb 2022 - Gave an invited talk on learning in bargaining agents at the Collaborative AI course at TU Delft.
19 Dec 2021 - Paper accepted at AAMAS 2022!
27 Oct 2021 - Paper accepted at the Cooperative AI worshop at NeurIPS 2021
11 Oct 2021 - Attending the Advanced Course on AI in Berlin
19 Feb 2021 - I am organising the Automated Negotiation League at IJCAI 2021
29 Jun 2020 - Started my PhD at the ADA research group
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